Chaplains at Birmingham City Council.

Independent, Confidential Chaplaincy support is available for all staff of Birmingham City Council.

The Chaplains

David Harrison , Peter Sellick and Val Benjamin

They can be emailed on


Alternatively you can call 07746 299676

Contact them if you would like to arrange a private conversation or seek information.

David and Peter belong to the Anglican Church. Val Benjamin is from a Pentecostal Church background.  But they are all available to, and interested in, people of all faith or no faith. They have been trained and are supported by the main denominations of Christian Churches in Birmingham. They are independent volunteers in their role within the council.

David Harrison is an Authorised Lay Minister in the Church of England, and also works as a hospital chaplain. Previously he has worked in HR, Management and as a Scientist. Peter Sellick is a Priest in the Church of England and has led churches in Leeds and the Black Country. Peter has also worked as a chaplain in manufacturing industry, to the Police Service and a small enterprise. Peter trains and supports other chaplains across Birmingham and Solihull. Val Benjamin has been a Church Leader, a Mentor and a Life Coach and speaks to churches internationally.

David Harrison Council Chaplainc

David Harrison

Val Benjamin Council Chaplain

Val Benjamin

Peter Sellick, Council Chaplain

Peter Sellick

What they offer:

Although the Chaplains are independent from the structures of the Council, and completely confidential, they  do have the support of both HR, Senior Leadership and Unions.

Chaplains are good listeners who care about the wholebeing of people at work. They are experienced, but not qualified counsellors and will suggest other sources of support and guidance if necessary. Chaplains are available to everyone, regardless of their faith position, and are sensitive about not disturbing people at work.

The Chaplains offer ‘Breathing Space’ sessions using Mindfulness techniques, as a form of stress management – see below.

Chaplaincy visiting presence is mainly focussed on those working at Lancaster Circus, Woodcock St and Lifford House; but is gradually being expanded to cover other areas of council work.

Chaplains offer listening and informal support to anyone who feels they would benefit from sharing what is going on in their life – on-site, off-site or via telephone. We are an additional, proactive, service to other BCC Staff  support such as

Chaplains also work with the Christian network groups in the council to support their faithful living.

We generally visit the offices on a Tuesday morning and meet people either informally at their desks or, by arrangement (see below), for private conversations. We walk around the floors of the office to raise our profile and to offer our availability. Conversations can range from the apparently unimportant to some of the most significant events of life.


Breathing Space: Meditation Sessions using Mindfulness Techniquesbreathing space

Tuesdays 12:30-1pm Lancaster Circus 1st Floor Faith Room (near the Kitchen area)

Thursdays 12:30-1pm Woodcock St (contact for venue information)

Alternate Wednesdays 12-12:30pm, Lifford House (contact for date and venue information)

With staff and colleagues, we facilitate a 25 min ‘Breathing Space Meditation’ session at Lancaster Circus and Lifford House. You are welcome to come along and try these out: many people find them useful for unwinding and releasing the stress of daily work: the sessions are open to people of all faith and none.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the present moment – by focussing on things like our breathing or our bodies. This helps us to let go of our thoughts and concerns about the past or the future. Regular practising of mindfulness helps with managing the stress of responsibilities by being more aware of the’ whole picture’

Mindfulness exercises have been shown to have lots of benefits to body and mind for general concerns, but it is not an attempt to resolve significant mental health issues. If necessary these should be referred to the medical services.

An explanatory leaflet about the Breathing Space Mindfulness sessions at the City Council is available here.

More general information about mindfulness can be found at and

Free mindfulness guided meditations can be downloaded at

Mindfulness is well established within the NHS as an intervention with a number of benefits.

Mindfulness meditation sessions at Lifford House. Contact us for dates.

Christian Prayer Meetings and Bible Study

A Christian Prayer group meet every Thursday 1-2pm at Victoria Square Council House (Room 6a) and also on alternate Wednesdays 8.15 to 8.45 in Lancaster Circus (Room 403; 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays)

A Christian Bible Study Group meet 1:10-1:50pm alternate Wednesdays in Lancaster Circus (Room 312; 2nd and 4th Wednesdays).

Prayer Requests

If you would like the chaplaincy team to pray for any specific issues, you can contact us via the email address below (or by leaving a note in the Prayer Request Box at Woodcock St Ground Floor Book Library). Any prayer requests submitted will be treated confidentially; but will be shared in an anonymous form with the prayer group. Prayers will be passed to the weekly City Council Thursday Christian Prayer Group (Victoria Sq Council House Committee Room 6a: Thursdays 13:00 – 14:00) and the fortnightly Lancaster Circus Morning Prayer meeting (8.15 to 8.45am in Room 403; on 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays). If you do not want this sharing to take place, then feel free to say so within your email.

You can email prayer messages to