Health & Wellbeing at work

Mental Health self help tools

Mindfulness and activities.

Some of our Chaplaincies are offering online mindfulness sessions – see here.

Freemindfulness is collating a number of special of free mindfulness courses and practices during this Covid-19 time: available here.

Mindfulness teaches techniques for everyday awareness that help restore life balance.

Self help and CBT practices

Rachel Holdforth, one of our Chaplains, is writing a blog about activities for keeping positive during times of isolation and distancing: at remotechaplaincy blog.

One suggestion is creating a Wobble Box of resources to support you in a time of anxiety or emotion.

Click for introduction to Rachel’s wellbeing ideas

Living Life is a highly recommended online course from the UK based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Free courses cover issues like low mood, stress and resiliency. Living Life to the Full

Mood Gym is an (Australian) website that provides self-help training in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), to help prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety (small annual fee) Mood Gym.

Get self help is another resourse that provides free downloadable CBT self-help resources designed to help with anxiety, worry, depression and stress.

Wellbeing, Relationships

See the panel top right for advice for Birmingham and Solihull from The Waiting Room

HelpGuide is a US website with lots of free resources advice about wellbeing, relationships, aging as well as mental health.                                   HelpGuide

Covid-19 Information

Healthcare adavice about Covid-19 is available from Birmingham and Solihull CCG here