National Express Bus

Who are we?

We are workplace Chaplains from networks of churches in the West Midlands. We are trained in listening and pastoral skills, respect confidentiality (within safeguarding boundaries) and are accountable to our Trustees.

Our role at National Express Bus is to support staff in a personal and independent way. We want to help all staff to flourish and feel a sense of well-being at work. If requested, we try to understand what is happening from a faith standpoint, but we work with all staff (all faiths and no faith).

What do we do?

Normally, our front line services centre on visits to the workplace by a chaplain who seeks to build relationships with employees and offer support in the ups and downs of life.

We visit garages, offices, bus stations and change-over stops, on a regular basis and will be very happy to offer you a listening ear and a friendly chat as we spend time in your work places. We travel on the buses in order to get to know what the bus driving life is like.

We operate with the agreement of management and Unions, but are independent of them.

Our Track Record

Chaplaincy has been working with National Express Buses for several years and we are always looking to extend our coverage to include all garages and offices.

Our chaplains are trained and accredited.  They have the support of church leaders locally and regionally. We also have good connections with other faith communities and can make referrals to other faiths if requested. Chaplaincy is a movement that has a long history in the churches, as a practical demonstration of our caring values.

The services we offer…

  • A listening ear
  • Pastoral care and support
  • Contacts with other organisations that can help with particular concerns


(if you want to see our policy speak to your chaplain)

The Team

In the Black Country



Terry Lane

John Welsby

West Bromwich



Jeff Guest

currently vacant, contact


In Birmingham

Birmingham Central, Perry Barr

and Yardley Wood

Acocks Green

John Bradley

Lorna Kitchen


In Coventry



Clive Fowle