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Contact us to find out how we can work with you to connect your church to your local economy – get to know your local businesses so they can see you as a resource for them; understand how people in your church are working locally; offering work experience in church projects to unemployed people; or even providing space for a start-up business or using church offices as ‘service centres’ for small businesses. Some ideas for action

To encourage your church in its faithful engagement with the economy, with procurement policies and use of investments, there is a website Your faith Your finance website from ECCR (Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility).  This contains facts, links and case-studies covering issues ranging from banking and shopping to biblical parables about money. The resources present a range of different views on the subjects of money, usury and equality to spark personal reflection and group discussion. What can your church do to invest ethically? – reflections from the Methodist Church.

The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) is a church-based investor coalition, registered charity and supporter organisation. ECCR leads and collaborates with others in advocacy and awareness-raising on issues of business, human rights and environmental stewardship.

Once a year we run a Ministry in Birmingham course for church organisers who want to understand more about the structure, priorities and future of the city.

Again and again we hear church people say that their church leaders never address the issues they are struggling with at work. We can supply worship and faith exploration materials to touch the concerns and delights that working people want to share in church (but don’t often get the opportunity).

HOPE Together suggests ways of using Harvest to connect with urban working life: Harvest for the City Dweller. Other ideas we can suggest:  50 Tools to Connect Work with Faith; God at work can inspire discipleship in local church; Questionnaire survey re existing support for Christians in workplaces; For more materials: Contact us

You can develop your own missionary calling by discovering work and the economy as a place where God is already at work and asking us to work alongside Him. We offer  Workplace Chaplaincy Training and have a fast growing network of voluntary chaplains.

Workplace Chaplaincy

Workplace chaplaincy has always been a pioneer ministry bringing authorised Christians, with a recognised role, into relationship with people with no church connections, offering pastoral support, engaging in conversations about meaning and bringing a specific faith dimension into secular structures.

Below are some downloadable leaflets which you may find helpful:

  • Workplace chaplaincy flyer  Designed to be suitable for placing at the back of churches, meetings etc., this leaflet offers some information for people who perhaps have never considered chaplaincy.
  • ‘Introducing chaplaincy’   This trifold leaflet develops some of the ideas in the above flyer and offers further information.

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