Birmingham City Centre

Birmingham City Centre Retail Chaplaincy  
be.Be friendfriend offers a chaplaincy service to the people working in the Retail Businesses of Birmingham City Centre. Our team of 14 Chaplains operate in the major shopping centres, the markets and with independent retailers.

be.friend is a organisation sponsored by the Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed Church.  It is authorised by the Churches and Industry Group Birmingham (CIGB) and works in conjunction with all major faith communities in Birmingham.

Chaplains visit people in their place of work to offer friendship and to listen.  Their support is unconditional, non-judgemental, independent and confidential.  Through regular visiting of the workplace be.friend chaplains will endeavour to affirm the value of work and its place in human life, and to make a positive contribution to the culture and values of the organisation.  Be.friend chaplains follow a set of ground rules which ensures people who receive chaplaincy are receiving a service that is professional and appropriate.

To find out more, contact Elaine Hutchinson

Be.friend Team Leader
Carrs Lane Church Centre
Birmingham B4 7SX
0121 643 6151

December 2013: A BBC Radio 4 interview of Retail Chaplaincy in Bristol City Centre, not unlike the situation here in Birmingham,  can be listened to here.

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