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Introduction to Workplace Chaplaincy Course

Our next Workplace Chaplaincy Course begins in Solihull sometime this Autumn 2023

The Course, as an introduction to Volunteer Workplace Chaplaincy, is led by experienced Workplace Chaplains, and includes a visit to a current Workplace Chaplaincy engagement. The courses take place in various locations, but this Autumn in Solihull close to the Railway Station.

The 7 week course covers:

  • an introduction to key skills and knowledge
  • what is chaplaincy?
  • listening to others and caring for people at work
  • making a difference as a ‘guest’ in a business organisation
  • exploring questions of faith, spirituality and world-view within an organisation
  • joining up chaplaincy and church
  • working safely in a team and looking after yourself

The programme involves input, exercises, discussion, a visit to see a Chaplaincy in action and some prayer and worship. Depending on prior skills and experience, further training sessions may be needed before CIGB would recommend a volunteer for Workplace Chaplaincy.

Most people who do the course:

  • have some life experience in listening/caring
  • have belonged to a church for a few years
  • are interested in working with people outside of the usual boundaries of the church
  • are happy to work with other faiths.

Participants on the course have previously come from a wide variety of churches, from Pentecostal to Roman Catholic, house churches to new monastic communities.

The course is an opportunity for participants to learn about the key chaplaincy ways of working, as well as a chance to discern whether it is for them. The course is not a commitment or a guarantee to proceed into workplace chaplaincy: that subsequent decision is for further discernment at the end of the course. The vast majority of chaplaincy positions in workplaces are unpaid. Other chaplaincy areas – eg Hospital / Healthcare, Education, Prison etc have their own specific training courses and requirements and are not covered by this course.

Previous course participants have said: “good for learning and understanding chaplaincy”, “very helpful to visit a chaplaincy in action”, “very good course”.

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What do Workplace Chaplains do?

Could I be a workplace Chaplain? – our leaflet introduces what chaplains do, why it is a growing ministry of the church and typical ground rules for Chaplains.

Good stores and information are on the national Workplace Chaplaincy Mission website 

Also see our Annual Reports and our newsletters

Churches and Industry Group Birmingham and Solihull has teams of voluntary chaplains to businesses, enterprises and organisations across Birmingham and Solihull, with about 40 volunteers altogether. Our chaplaincies are in places like Birmingham and Solihull Shopping Centres, NEC Group, National Express Buses, Kings Heath High St, and the Fire Service.