Solihull Town Centre

Solihull Town Centre chaplaincy.

We are here to support and care for all people who work in our retail outlets and businesses within the centre of Solihull.

We are a group of people who come from local churches but as our logo says ‘we’re here for you’, for everyone regardless of whatever beliefs are held.

Work is a very important part of most people lives.  It can be a very positive experience but as well can be a source of stress and anxiety.  And so we visit to support, to affirm and be alongside everyone in the highs and lows of life.  We want everyone to know that they are valued and cared for as we visit and chat.

Naturally, we don’t intrude where we are unwanted or interrupt when people are working.  We have respect for people’s personal space and everything shared is confidential and non – judgmental.

The Quiet Room in Touchwood is a place for everyone to take ‘time out’ in a busy day; a space to pray or just be still. It incorporates a Prayer Room with facilities for members of all faith communities, including ablution rooms.

The chaplaincy started in 2001 when the Touchwood Shopping Centre was opened and is supported by Churches Together in Central Solihull.

Do get in touch if you would like a chat.